We invest in the future of families.


ACLF provides low or no-interest loans for housing, micro-businesses, human development, community development, and basic consumer needs to enable colonia families to become full participants in American society.

We recognize that colonia residents, despite the challenges, want a better future for their families.

We believe that colonia residents can be successful borrowers, but recognize that this can only be accomplished by taking into consideration the realities of their daily lives.

We believe in leveraging the cultural and human value of agradecimiento, that unbreakable human bond that is developed when someone provides assistance to another in his or her time of need.

Azteca Community Loan Fund is a recognized Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI), based in Hidalgo County along the Texas-Mexico border. ACLF provides loan products to colonia residents who have no access to traditional financial institutions. In addition we provide Savings Projects - Individual Development Accounts (IDAs) and Cooperative Savings Accounts (CSAs).