Become an Investor

If you believe in the basic human principle that everyone deserves a chance to prosper regardless of their social status, then we invite you to become an investor in the future of a colonia family by sponsoring a loan of your choice. The loan payments will become part of the revolving loan fund to be used to help other families.

You can also choose to donate towards the goal of establishing our endowment fund, the annual proceeds of which will be used to fund the operation of ACLF.

Azteca Community Loan Fund is a 501(c)(3). Donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Donate Online

If you would like to sponsor a loan for a colonia family or make a donation to the ACLF Endowment Fund, click the Donate buttons below.
Note: Donations made online use the secure services of PayPal. To assure your privacy, PayPal does not forward credit card or address information to us. Please include your address in the "Send us a note" section of the PayPal form.

Endowment Fund

Contributions help support the operation of Azteca Community Loan Fund.

Microbusiness Loan Fund

Contributions to the microbusiness loan fund will be used to support the start or expansion of a home-based business.

Housing Loan Fund

Contributions to the housing loan fund can be used for lot acquisition, housing rehabilitation, and self-help housing loans.

Consumer Loan Fund

Contributions to the consumer loan fund will be used to assist families during emergencies; to promote community self-help projects; to promote human development through higher education


Donate by Phone or Mail

If you prefer, contact us directly by phone (956)-783-5626 or send us a donation by mail using this printable form.

Checks payable to Azteca Community Loan Fund should be sent to:

Azteca Community Loan Fund
P.O. Box 7
San Juan, Texas 78589